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Navigating A Disability with Dani Izzie

Despite many individuals experiencing disability firsthand, the topic is not talked about nearly enough by non-disabled individuals. This leads to misconceptions and uncertainty around how to start these types of conversations.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe is joined by Dani Izzie, a social media manager at Spinergy Inc, disabilities advocate, and a proud mother of twins. Dani shares her insight as a person with quadriplegia and highlights the costs of basic living with specialized equipment, how society’s perception of disability impacts social interactions, and more.

Dani discusses:

  • How to correctly approach and refer to disabilities 
  • The social and medical model of disabilities 
  • How she became quadriplegic
  • The financial and emotional struggles she faced after hospitalization
  • Some of the challenges people with disabilities face
  • Why she created the documentary “Dani’s Twins”
  • And more!


Connect with Dani Izzie:

Connect with Iván Watanabe:

About Our Guest:

Dani Izzie is an experienced digital strategist with demonstrated skills working in the sporting goods industry and disability community. 


Bajraktari Realty’s Diverse Real Estate Approach — With George Papanicolaou, Florim, and Gani Bajraktari

Bajraktari Realty Management is a multifaceted company that owns and operates over 70 buildings throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, and Yonkers area.

After spending over 25 years servicing the New York real estate market, they have learned a thing or two about residential and commercial real estate.

Today, Bajraktari Realty’s Florim and Gani Bajraktari join Iván Watanabe and George Papanicolaou to discuss their roles at the firm. Plus, they offer their latest updates on New York’s residential and commercial real estate market that you don’t want to miss! 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who Bajraktari Realty works with
  • Why value and community are so important to Bajraktari Realty
  • The importance of calculating how manageable real estate is 
  • Bajraktari Realty’s unique design process
  • And more!

Join this conversation today and find out what you need to consider before investing or leasing in New York real estate! 

Resources:  Opus Private Client, LLC | Iván Watanabe | George Papanicolaou | Bajraktari Realty Management Company: (914) 290-4848 (White Plains, New York) |  Florim Bajraktari | Florim Bajraktari on LinkedIn | Gani Bajraktari