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How To Get A Sales Job with John P. Davis

Landing yourself the job of your dreams usually requires a lot more than just having the prettiest resume. 

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl talk with John P. Davis, best selling author and Sales Director at Onestream Software, about how you can land a job in sales that will allow you to “control your own destiny”.

John discusses:

  • How he went from having no background in sales to writing a bestselling book about it 
  • Some of the biggest mistakes people make when reaching out to hiring managers
  • How to stand out amongst when applying for a job
  • And more


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About John P. Davis:

While the majority of his education is in economics and philosophy, his passion is software sales. This has become John’s focus over the past decade. He enjoys helping people set up business cases, build project teams, determine delivery methods and procure software that benefits their organization. Today, he is proud to run an Enterprise and Mid-Market sales team in Eastern Canada at OneStream Software.

Two years ago, John published a book titled, “How to Get a Sales Job.” The book serves as an affordable tool for anyone looking for a software sales job and is based on his own transition into sales from the world of finance. Mark Cuban provided a quote for the book and at one point, it was ranked #1 in Job Markets & Advice internationally.


Decreasing Investment Loss During Retirement with Dr. Wade Pfau

Retirement income relies solely on the investments and savings created while you still have a paycheck. Leveraging the right tools can decrease the amount loss from market volatility, while keeping you afloat.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl are joined by Dr. Wade Pfau, Ph.D, CFA, RICP, founder of Retirement Researcher, and professor at The American College of Financial Services, to discuss some of the research behind retirement planning, and how to increase security around your retirement funds.

Iván, Evan and Wade discuss:

  • The difference between the accumulation phase and the retirement phase of life
  • How sequence of returns increases the impact of market volatility on retirement investments
  • Alternative buffer assets to create security when other assets can’t provide enough income during retirement
  • Why tax planning is essential to decrease the amount paid rather than avoid taxes all together
  • And more


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About Dr. Wade Pfau:

Dr. Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., is a Professor of Retirement Income in the Ph.D. in Financial and Retirement Planning program, Co-Director of the American College Center for Retirement Income, and RICP® program director at The American College of Financial Services.

Dr. Pfau is a co-editor of the Journal of Personal Finance. He has spoken at national conferences of organizations for financial professionals, such as the CFA Institute, FPA, NAPFA, AICPA-PFP, and AFS. He also publishes frequently in a wide variety of academic and practitioner research journals.



Compound Interest is a Snowball with Evan Wohl

Remember being a kid and the joy you felt making the biggest snowman from just three small snowballs? Watching those little snowballs getting bigger and bigger with each roll… 

As an adult, the experience changes from creating snowmen to generating compound interest.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe welcomes colleague Evan Wohl to dive deeper into compound interest, and how you can get it working for you. 

Iván and Evan discuss:

  • Why Warren Buffett claims compound interest to be the eighth wonder of the world
  • How compound interest works
  • The ripple effect one change can have on an entire balance sheet
  • Why you should see your finances as an ecosystem, not just as single silos
  • And more

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About Evan Wohl:

Evan’s clients trust him with the responsibility to guide them through the complexities of personal finance. He provides clarity and insight on how to measure and improve your cash flow as well as whether or not you are on track to accomplish your various financial goals. The firm takes a macroeconomic approach to planning and coordinates all of your financial decisions through the use of a comprehensive economic model.

Evan’s wife, Laurie, and he have three children, Quinn, Parker and Bodie. He currently sits on the board of The Hope Gala. The Hope Gala was created to support fundraising efforts on behalf of The Four Diamonds Fund and The Penn State Dance Marathon (THON™). The Hope Gala contributes to the mission of conquering childhood cancer. All proceeds benefit pediatric cancer patients at the Penn State Children’s Hospital and their families in need of financial aid, medical assistance, and emotional support.

About Iván Watanabe:

Iván Watanabe is a Managing Partner of Opus Private Client, LLC in the New York office. He joined Opus in 2013, after working in Boston for five years as a financial associate. During his time at Opus, Iván quickly established himself as a leader and an asset to the team, and he became a managing partner in 2018.

Iván is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish literature and brings a unique blend of analytical and holistic thinking to each of his clients. Iván’s expertise is in asset protection, wealth accumulation, and wealth distribution strategies. His vast knowledge and rich experience in the finance industry earned him one of the most prestigious industry awards, the President’s Council Award in 2018.



The NIL Rule In Student Athlete Profitability with Chris Ward

In September of 2021, the NCAA allowed a ruling that unlocked college athletes from getting compensation for the first time in history. How will this change the relationship between student athletes, sponsoring companies, and their fans?

In this episode, George Papanicolaou speaks with Chris Ward, CRO of The Publisher Desk, on the NIL rule and the regulations surrounding it. Since the rule is still in its infancy, there are many questions like, who can provide sponsorships, how are sponsorships managed for independent players, and how can a player’s marketability impact their future as a professional athlete?

Listen as Chris discusses:

  • How an athlete can earn for their name, image and likeness
  • What kinds of opportunities student athletes can bring to local businesses
  • How social media influences the marketability of student athletes
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Christopher Ward, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of The Publisher Desk, a full-service technology and monetization platform for content publisher. He got his start in advertising and publishing in 2007 at News Corp and later at Undertone, an advertising network. In November of 2019, the Publisher Desk acquired, doubling down on their belief in the future of sports marketing.  

About Our Host:

George has a very unique background and work history. Broad, diverse, and driven by integrity and strong family values, his experiences create the perfect foundation for teaming up with clients to protect, build, and enjoy their financial world.

George puts a strong emphasis on family. His parents and grandparents ran a very successful flower business with several locations in Westchester County, in addition to owning and managing commercial and residential real estate. From a young age, George was taught that compassion, good customer service, and a strong work ethic were key components to the longevity of a business.

George credits his significant business success to his strong work ethic and desire to learn— two qualities that have helped him earn several leadership awards. George’s interest in real estate contributes to his ability to help clients diversify their holdings.

George is married with four children, two dogs, and a bunny. He and his wife live in Pleasantville, NY. They are huge lovers of food and culture and enjoy traveling and entertaining at their home.



The Fundamental Pieces to Managing Cash Flow with Evan Wohl

Life is always changing and as a result so will your cash flow.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe sits down with experienced financial planner Evan Wohl to discuss cash flow and some real-world applications you can use to keep balanced.

Evan will talk more about his process, why it’s important to update and analyze your current cash flow plan and the different things he’s seeing his clients have success with.  

Evan discusses:

  • What cash flow is and why it’s important to know your personal cash flow
  • The differences between inflows, outflows, transfers and how they can improve your cash flow 
  • Some of the mistakes people are generally making as it relates to cash flow
  • Tips on how to become a better saver for your future self 
  •  And more!


Connect With Evan Wohl

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About Evan Wohl:

After a very short stint as a Class A PGA Golf Professional, Evan Wohl started in financial planning in 2008, after graduating from Penn State University.  Evan’s lifelong appetite for learning and growth lead him to earn several high-level industry designations. CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®  

 Evan’s clients receive thoughtful insight into the security and prosperity of their personal economy. He provides tools and strategies to measure and improve your cash flow as well as understand whether or not you are on track to accomplish your evolving financial goals.  Evan maintains collaborative relationships with his clients, in which they are always making proactive decisions to move their plan forward. 


The New 1980s Inflation with Rob Pruett

After maintaining steady inflation of just under 2% for over a decade, America is now seeing the highest inflation rates since the late 1980s.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and Rob Pruett explore the rising interest rates and inflation faced by consumers and businesses. They dive into the state of the economy while revealing ways clients can make the most out of the market volatility.

Iván and Rob discuss:

  • The role inflation plays with consumers and businesses
  • What the future looks like in terms of inflation and interest rates
  • Reasons pre-retirees and retirees should invest in their 401(k) plans
  • How interest rates impact client debt
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Robert P. Pruett has been a wealth advisor with Opus Private Client, LLC for 14 years performing planning for high-net-worth individuals, families, and business owners. Rob uses leading-edge advanced personal planning techniques to protect and maximize each client’s wealth, retirement, and estate plans. Rob also consults with 50-to-800-person firms to deliver high-value corporate benefit programs, with a special focus on delivering healthcare savings of 10-15% or more through Opus’ proprietary reimbursement program offering.

His specialties include asset management, institutional investing, tax planning, life insurance, disability, annuities, and long-term care insurance, corporate benefits programs, executive benefit programs, retirement, and estate planning, and legacy and charitable planning.


Building Real Estate Investments in a Rising Interest Rate Environment with Jon Minkoff

Real estate investment is a balance between finding the right financial opportunity, and a unique, desirable location. How can you build real estate investments in a rising interest rate environment? 

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl speak with Jon Minkoff, co-founder, CFO, COO, CIO of ASH NYC, on real estate investment for individual investors, what to consider when entering the current economic market, and how investors view property from a buyer, seller or investment perspective.

Jon discusses:

  • What makes a good real estate investment
  • How banks manage lending risk in a rising interest rate environment
  • How he manages business through different economic climates
  • And more

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About Jon Minkoff:

Real estate professional with experience working with start up real estate development private equity funds. Jon has experience in all aspects of real estate including finance, development, financial forecasting, construction, estimating, property management, as well as commercial leasing. He has also spent time working with high net worth individuals to analyze and manage different real estate acquisition opportunities.


What the Top Opus Clients Have in Common

Over the years, Russ Carpentieri and Iván Watanabe have noticed that clients who have the greatest level of financial success and personal satisfaction share very common behaviors and qualities.

Today, Russ and Iván delve into these common characteristics,  how they ultimately impact the planning process, and how clients move forward with their wealth, lifestyle, and purpose.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What role a client’s mindset plays in their success 
  • What gap in the market Opus is filling for clients
  • Examples of the client journey when working with the Opus team
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn more about Opus Private Client and consider whether you’d be a good match for their services!

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