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Navigating A Disability with Dani Izzie

Navigating A Disability with Dani Izzie

Despite many individuals experiencing disability firsthand, the topic is not talked about nearly enough by non-disabled individuals. This leads to misconceptions and uncertainty around how to start these types of conversations.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe is joined by Dani Izzie, a social media manager at Spinergy Inc, disabilities advocate, and a proud mother of twins. Dani shares her insight as a person with quadriplegia and highlights the costs of basic living with specialized equipment, how society’s perception of disability impacts social interactions, and more.

Dani discusses:

  • How to correctly approach and refer to disabilities 
  • The social and medical model of disabilities 
  • How she became quadriplegic
  • The financial and emotional struggles she faced after hospitalization
  • Some of the challenges people with disabilities face
  • Why she created the documentary “Dani’s Twins”
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Dani Izzie is an experienced digital strategist with demonstrated skills working in the sporting goods industry and disability community.