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Teaching Gratitude and Generosity in an Affluent Home

Teaching Gratitude and Generosity in an Affluent Home

How can you help your child(ren) be responsible, humble, and respectful?

What are the necessary skills required to teach life-long behaviors?

In today’s episode of WealthStyle, Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl learn a few parenting tactics that helped their fellow colleague Russ Carpentieri raise well-rounded, independent children.

Listen in as Russ shares his experience as a father and highlights the following:

  • The influence that your circle of friends can have on your level of parenting
  • How to teach gratitude and empathy through daily reminders and acts of kindness
  • The importance of instilling accountability and consequences
  • Useful takeaways to help reduce entitlement when raising affluent children 
  • And more


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Planning for Parenthood with George Papanicolaou

Planning for Parenthood with George Papanicolaou

You could read every article and mommy blog and still remain unprepared for the experience of parenthood. 

Who better to hear from on the topic of financial planning and children than financial advisors who have kids?

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and George Papanicolaou recount their personal experiences with fatherhood, diving into the difference between expectation and reality. They reveal personal changes in routine and expenses while also sharing the realizations brought by parenthood.

George and Iván discuss:

  • The impact of information on new parents
  • Reasons you should build cashflow early on
  • The importance of accepting a lack of control
  • How basic baby necessities can be considered luxury items 
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

George Papanicolaou has a very unique background and work history. Broad, diverse, and driven by integrity and strong family values, his experiences create the perfect foundation for teaming up with clients to protect, build, and enjoy their financial world.

George puts a strong emphasis on family. His parents and grandparents ran a very successful flower business with several locations in Westchester County, in addition to owning and managing commercial and residential real estate. From a young age, George was taught that compassion, good customer service, and a strong work ethic were key components to the longevity of a business.