Transforming Spaces with Marialisa of Cyrus Contracting

Transforming Spaces with Marialisa of Cyrus Contracting

Are you considering a home renovation but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of working with contractors? 

You’re not alone.

In this episode, Iván Watanabe, and Evan Wohl speak with the owner and operator of Cyrus Contracting, Marialisa Zywotchenko, or ML for short. During their discussion, ML unravels the often daunting task of working with contractors, provides advice on establishing a trustworthy relationship with your contractor, and why investing in quality should be a priority. Through sharing first-hand experiences, ML illustrates the dangers of falling for misleading sales pitches, underscores the critical role of experienced subcontractors, and the legal importance of permits. 

After listening to this episode you will have a clearer understanding of how to approach your next renovation with confidence.

Key topics include:

  • How to find the right contractor for your project and budget
  • The most profitable home improvement renos
  • Questions to ask a potential contractor, including license, permits, and insurance
  • Real examples of client mistakes and misfortunes
  • Trends that stand the test of time vs. fads that don’t last
  • And more

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About Marialisa Zywotchenko:

Marialisa is the owner and operator of Cyrus Contracting. She holds two degrees from New York University in Construction and Real Estate Management. She earned her Associate’s degree from the University of Florida. Marialisa worked for several New York City general contracting firms in numerous roles and previously owned and managed her own painting company.

Marialisa has a passion for fine art and interior design as well as building. Her attention to detail sets Cyrus apart from other contractors in the Manhattan/Westchester competitive market.

The way Marialisa approaches the construction project simplifies the process for clients. She looks at the broad scope of the project and addresses each aspect.

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