Revisiting Physician Contract Considerations with Stephanie Rodin, ESQ.

Revisiting Physician Contract Considerations with Stephanie Rodin, ESQ.

As a healthcare professional or proprietor of a healthcare practice, your primary focus is safe and legal patient care. Managing the intricacies of healthcare leaves minimal capacity to navigate the complexities of legal matters.

Understanding the legal side of your business is crucial for protection, which is why we invited Stephanie Rodin, Founder and Attorney at Rodin Legal P.C. back for another episode of WealthStyle. 

Join Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl as they sit down with Stephanie to dive deep into the legal aspects of healthcare practice management, covering employment agreements, patient and employee issues, buying and selling practices, and supplying advice to fellow healthcare practitioners. 

With her extensive experience and focus on ensuring contracts reflect the specialty and protect the practitioner’s rights, this episode is a must-listen for anyone in the healthcare industry.

Iván, Evan, and Stephanie discuss:

  • The significance of tail coverage and how it affects your practice
  • Market dynamics for buying and selling practices including the role of private equity in healthcare
  • The current state of non-competes
  • Key considerations when purchasing equity in a surgical practice, including disaster and disability planning
  • The importance of having detailed discussions and clauses about potential partnership opportunities in employment contracts
  • And more


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About Stephanie Rodin:

Stephanie Rodin. is the founder and principal of Rodin Legal, P.C. and has been practicing law since 1998, with a majority of that time assisting healthcare professionals. 

Starting from a young age, Ms. Rodin has been exposed to the medical/dental field, as her immediate family all practice within the healthcare field. As a result, she was surrounded by various medical and legal issues that routinely arose during the practice of medicine and dentistry. This provided Ms. Rodin with the expertise that serves as the foundation of her legal practice. Rodin Legal, P.C. caters to these legal complexities and is dedicated to the growth of professional practices.

Ms. Rodin received her J.D. from the New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Before this, she received a B.S. in Accounting from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School Of Business. She is also admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

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