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How To Get A Sales Job with John P. Davis

How To Get A Sales Job with John P. Davis

Landing yourself the job of your dreams usually requires a lot more than just having the prettiest resume. 

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl talk with John P. Davis, best selling author and Sales Director at Onestream Software, about how you can land a job in sales that will allow you to “control your own destiny”.

John discusses:

  • How he went from having no background in sales to writing a bestselling book about it 
  • Some of the biggest mistakes people make when reaching out to hiring managers
  • How to stand out amongst when applying for a job
  • And more


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About John P. Davis:

While the majority of his education is in economics and philosophy, his passion is software sales. This has become John’s focus over the past decade. He enjoys helping people set up business cases, build project teams, determine delivery methods and procure software that benefits their organization. Today, he is proud to run an Enterprise and Mid-Market sales team in Eastern Canada at OneStream Software.

Two years ago, John published a book titled, “How to Get a Sales Job.” The book serves as an affordable tool for anyone looking for a software sales job and is based on his own transition into sales from the world of finance. Mark Cuban provided a quote for the book and at one point, it was ranked #1 in Job Markets & Advice internationally.

Must-Know Business Exit Planning Considerations With Jeremy Suarez

Must-Know Business Exit Planning Considerations With Jeremy Suarez

New Jersey financial consulting firm Tomoro LLC possesses a distinct ability to manage business owners’ financial choices in a way that will help them reach their desired long-term wealth goals.

How do they do it?

Find out in this episode, as the firm’s managing partner and director of financial planning, Jeremy Suarez, introduces Tomoro’s role in helping small, privately-owned businesses successfully plan their business exit. Plus, he shares must-know considerations every business owner should know for a smooth business takeover. 

Jeremy discusses:

  • Tomoro’s approach to helping individuals and their businesses with transition and exit planning 
  • When the right time is to start planning for your business exit
  • Easing the business takeover process with employee retention
  • Common exit planning mistakes 
  • Consequences of not planning your business exit or transition 
  • And more

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About Jeremy Suarez:

Jeremy joined Tomoro as a managing partner in 2014. When working with individual households on their wealth creation strategies; the focus is on all areas of wealth accumulation, protection, and distribution.  As a certified exit planning professional, Jeremy supports business owners with a full range of business continuity, succession, and exit planning recommendations; with a core focus of optimizing value.

Resuming Air Travel in the Era of COVID-19 With MilesAhead – With Rob Karp

Resuming Air Travel in the Era of COVID-19 With MilesAhead – With Rob Karp

With summer just around the corner and vaccination rollouts ramping up, some countries are starting to lift their restrictions, and slowly but surely, the travel world is beginning to return.

In this episode, MilesAhead’s CEO and founder, Rob Karp, sits down with Iván Watanabe to explain his travel agency’s approach to travel resumption and to highlight must-know considerations for when you book your next trip. 

You will learn:

  • Rob’s thoughts on the current travel landscape
  • Three best practices for those who are thinking about traveling abroad
  • How the pandemic has switched the way MilesAhead plans for client travel arrangements 
  • The benefits of using credit card points to book, travel, and do everyday purchases 
  • And more!

Join in and find out how MilesAhead can help you resume your travel sooner rather than later! 

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