The Timeless Artistry and History of Watches with Rob Weintraub

The Timeless Artistry and History of Watches with Rob Weintraub

For some people, a watch is simply a functional piece of technology that tells them the time. Perhaps it informs them of the weather, their daily step count, and could also remind them to take medication. 

And then there are people like WealthStyle’s host, Iván Watanabe, who considers watches to be a work of art and a luxury piece of jewelry. 

Join Iván and his co-host Evan Wohl as they interview Robert Weintraub, Manager of Manfredi Jewels about the history and rapidly growing interest in watches, and whether it’s worth purchasing a watch as an investment.

Rob shares his expertise about:

  • The benefits of doing research on specific watch models, manufacturers, and brands
  • Why he recommends watches are purchased by personal preference rather than value
  • How the pandemic affected supply and demand for the watch industry 
  • The importance of building a relationship with your local jeweler
  • And more

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About Robert Weintraub:

Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the luxury goods and jewelry industry. Skilled in Trend Analysis, Luxury Goods, Customer Service, Sales, and Retail. Strong professional with an M.M. focused in Opera Performance from Arizona State University.

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