Life Insurance with Bobby Samuelson, Part 1: Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance with Bobby Samuelson, Part 1: Whole Life Insurance

With the typical asset division in investment planning being turned on its head, life insurance could be a beneficial alternative option. 

How does life insurance fit within portfolio planning?

In this episode, Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl speak with Bobby Samuelson, Executive Editor at Life Product Review and President of Life Innovators. Together they discuss whole life insurance by exploring the importance of understanding the insurance company and its investment strategies when choosing a whole-life policy.

Join the conversation and learn about:

  • How life insurance acts as an alternative investment
  • The complexities of investing in bonds
  • The importance of owning a participating policy from a mutual insurance company
  • How whole life insurance can benefit you as a fixed-income asset class
  • And more

Connect with Iván Watanabe:

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About Bobby Samuelson:

Bobby co-founded Life Innovators in 2018 and has been President and CEO since its inception. Bobby was formerly Senior Vice President and Head of Life Insurance and Annuity Product Development and Pricing at Brighthouse Financial and Vice President of Life Product Development at MetLife. He is also the Executive Editor of The Life Product Review since 2012. Bobby is a regular keynote speaker at corporate and industry events.

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